Business Budget

Business Budget; Is Your Business Allowing You To Live The Dream? Or Are You Tearing Your Hair Out Working Longer & Harder For Less Than Ever Before?

Did you start out with the dream of being your own boss, providing a better product or service, doing things your way and reaping the rewards that would come from applying your unique talents to the opportunities you saw?

Are You Over Worked & Under Paid?

If you could take a minute to just stop and consider why you went into business in the first place and what you dreamed it would be like, would you find there is a large gap between the dream and the reality; between where you are and where you hoped to be by now?

So many business owners are stuck in a rut they never imagined possible, running themselves ragged, working 80 hours a week (and more), with no end in sight and for little more than the wage they would have been paid working half the time in a much less stressful job where someone else has all the headaches!

If you went into business so you could have less stress, more job satisfaction, more income, more time for family and more time to pursue your hobbies and passions and it hasn’t turned out that way, then the BIG questions you need to ask yourself are


The Illusive Breakthrough

You are probably too close to your life and your business to really see what is going on and what needs to change. Being optimistic, you probably feel like the breakthrough you need is just around the corner and that keeps you going, a bit like the mouse running endlessly on the treadmill trying to reach the cheese, but if you ask yourself the question, “How long has that breakthrough been ‘just around the corner’?” would you answer in days, weeks, months or years?

Just maybe you’re hoping for the dream to become a reality, but it’s not happening now and if you are honest with yourself it’s not likely to happen any time soon without something changing.

Time For Change

So! It’s time to do something other than just ‘hope’. Optimism is a great thing, but it can be your worst enemy if you’re putting up with hardship and just believing things will change if you keep going. It’s time to make that breakthrough a reality! Your family deserves more and you deserve more!

Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to choose whether you will go to work today or whether you will choose to do something else that takes your fancy instead, simply because you can make that choice?

Rediscover The Dream

The first step to taking control is creating a Personal Cash Flow Plan.

When you know what it costs to live the life of your choice then that needs to be included in a Business Cash Flow Plan.

All your businesses’ regular fixed expenses are predictable so you can easily plan for them.

All your variable expenses can be predicted reasonably if you start with a goal for your monthly turnover and then estimate what your consumables, wages and other variables would be if you achieved that goal.

Factor that amount each month into a cash flow plan and add your fixed and personal expenses into the mix and you will see if you are in business or in trouble!

The Simply Budgets software is perfect for this application and also allows you to factor in replacement of equipment on a longer cycle up to 10 years so you can really start to get a good idea of what your Cash Flow needs to be every week and your Cash Position needs to be every day along the way.

If it turns out your business needs to generate more revenue each week than you believe is currently possible then it’s time to get some help with marketing and cost cutting specialists.

You can’t fix what you can’t measure so with a Business Budget that gives you Cash Flow Projections you will suddenly be able to see what needs to happen to start living the dream!

You owe it to yourself and your family to get this right so you can realise the potential you know is inside you!