Simply Budgets Platinum

Is Budgeting Too Hard? Are You Too Busy?
Are You Afraid Of What You Will Find?
No Worries – Help Is Close At Hand!

Hi, my name is David Wright,

In the early 1990’s I developed a passion for helping people take control of their finances. I have been on a mission ever since to create fast, simple, painless and exciting ways to deliver day to day cash-flow solutions for everyday people.

In that time I have seen all sorts of fads come and go that were presented as solutions to people’s short term money problems and/or long term wealth goals. In every one of these fads it was easy to identify cases where all the money was going to the people supposedly delivering the benefit and not those who were supposed to be receiving it.

You would run out of fingers and toes if you tried to count the scams and dud financial opportunities that have come and gone over the last 2 decades alone.

  • Dodgy forestry projects
  • Risky land sub-divisions
  • Overvalued ‘investment’ houses
  • Overpriced Share Trading Seminars that left you in the dark!
  • Questionable ‘time-share’ holiday accommodation ‘opportunities’.
  • Negative gearing schemes that tried to make losing money look sexy
  • Two tiered marketing that left you with over inflated valuations
  • Building Projects that never got out of the ground etc etc etc

The list goes on.

Time and time again ordinary hard working people got suckered by high flying, fast talking, ‘shonky’ operators. They would lose huge sums of money and live with the scars (read ‘debt’) for the rest of their lives.

Personally I am very tired of it. It makes me feel sick to think about it and I guess it is one of the motivating factors in why I have spent so much of my life working on educating people and providing them with tools to take back control.

Simply Budgets Platinum is my new weapon in the fight to help people fix their finances. In fact, regardless of whether things are not so good and need fixing or if you want to make an OK situation even better, Simply Budgets Platinum will help you!out helping you clean up your finances in a safe, rip-off free environment where someone holds your hand, not your life savings!

Here’s what it is all about……

You need to get your finances in order so you can relax, enjoy some of the finer things in life and know you have a plan for your future with everything under control.

You also know that good help is not cheap and if it is, it is probably not really good help at all. On top of that you are very aware of all the scams I referred to above and it is hard to know who you can trust; let alone deciding what is the best direction for you to take your finances in the future anyway!

Every second person seems to have an opinion on what a good investment looks like and many are happy to tell you what you should be doing with your money even if they are only ‘armchair experts’.

But who knows if any of them even have a clue?!!

How many experts predicted the GFC? Experts have a terrible track record at seeing what is coming so how much faith can you put in them?

It is just so hard knowing what you should do or how you should do it!

Simply Budgets Platinum brings together all the experience and expertise I have gained over the last two decades of working on people’s money problems and gives you not only the tools I know will get you back ‘on track’, but also the accountability to make it happen even when you are feeling like it’s all too hard!

Let me explain…

If you wanted to win an Olympic Gold Medal you would definitely NOT try to do it on your own. You’d get a team of people around you with expertise in a range of different areas and you’d ask them all to use their expertise to help you achieve your objective. You would be the one doing the training but everyone else would be there to make sure you got it done right and that you had no obstacles in your way. And when you just wanted to give up they would be there to get you moving again.

You will only ever be as good as the team around you!

You might achieve mediocrity on your own but you will never be competitive enough to achieve that gold medal without help. In fact you won’t even qualify for the heats!

There are five simple steps to achieving anything you want, including cleaning up your finances.

  • Work out where you are
  • Decide where you would rather be
  • Identify the obstacles in your way
  • Work out the road map that joins 1 and 2 together while avoiding as many of the obstacles as possible
  • Get someone you are accountable to to hold your hand so you can actually follow the road map.

Sounds too simple doesn’t it!

And the most important step in there is the last one. The moment any of the first four steps gets too hard you will quit unless someone is there holding your hand.

I have designed ‘Simply Budgets Platinum’ to be a simple step by step guide that will take you through the process of cleaning up your finances and getting everything set up right so you have the the absolute best environment and conditions for success and while it is my goal for you to do everything for yourself you will know someone is waiting for you to report in and confirm you completed the last step and you are ready for the next one. You will always know someone is there to contact if you get stuck.

The outcome you can expect from being enrolled in the Simply Budgets Platinum program is:-

  • simplified money management
  • less money stress
  • bills paid on time
  • regular money each week for living expenses
  • a clear money plan to follow
  • repay your debts efficiently
  • weekly accountability check on your progress
  • regular feedback on your progress
  • someone to contact if you need help.

I know there are (other) businesses out there offering to do absolutely everything for you so all you have to do is spend your pocket money each week. They charge like a wounded bull to manage your money on your behalf!

The problem is that a service like that will never help you to grow personally (and it costs a fortune).

I would never want to offer a service where you as the customer never get to progress to the next level!

So if you know you need to make change happen, you know you need help and you have decided it is now or never, let’s get you started!

Simply Budgets Platinum is a commitment to an ongoing hand holding service with a commitment to a six month period after which you can stay as long (or as short) as you like.

If you follow my easy ‘step by step’ instructions and report in as you complete each step, you will be all set up with a clear direction and definite momentum in the right direction by the end of the initial 6 months.

I ‘money back’ guarantee it and the only condition on that guarantee is that you do the steps!

If you have taken years to dig yourself into a financial hole it will probably take some time to dig your way out again but within six months you will have definite positive momentum and real clarity around where you are headed.

So here is the opportunity to clean up your finances and de-stress your life.

Who is Simply Budgets Platinum For?

You should consider this service if you answer YES to questions like;

  • Have you tried to get in control of your finances before and have not succeeded?
  • Do you have bills you can’t pay on time more than once a year?
  • Do you feel stressed about money most of the time?
  • Do go without proper meals or scrimp and scrape to make it to the end of the week more often than you care to admit to?
  • Do you feel like you just need the world to stop for a while so you can catch up?
  • Do you earn a reasonable income but there never seems to be any left over for you?
  • Do you have a Credit Card you have not paid off in full at least once in the last year?
  • Do you have multiple debts that you have to juggle?
  • Are you really ready to change?

And you would answer NO to questions like;

  • Would you object to having to report in to someone each week to account for how you went with your budget plan?
  • Would you object to re-arranging your bank accounts?
  • Would you object to cutting up some or all of your Credit Cards?
  • Can you see yourself retired on something like $26,000 a year?
  • Do you want to repeat the last 12 months of your finances?

So now you should know if you are a candidate or not.

If you are, I guess it just comes down to the price and how much you want to change.

What does it cost?

I understand that if you are doing it tough, it is not going to be an easy decision to commit money to anything other than the bills that are causing you stress but if you want to break the cycle you need to do something different to what you have always been doing (like struggling to pay bills and never getting ahead).

Now is the time to take action because NOW is the only time you have to make a change. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is no use to you because between now and then you will find an excuse NOT to take action.

I guarantee you will get results. All you have to do is do what is asked of you (and we will be on your case to make sure that happens).

So the good news is that Simply Budgets Platinum will cost you considerably less than any of our competitors charge and it is heaps better because we do not want to keep you on our books as a dependent customer for as long as possible like they do.

Our aim is to get your immediate money problems sorted out, to have you in the flow of easy money management and once we have you over the initial hump we want to do more business with you taking you to the next level, not keeping you dependent on our base level service.

So for a $385 for the initial set-up and $88 a month for monitoring, strategic phone or skype calls and weekly accountability checks, you are never going to get a better offer!

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With over 18 years of experience in fixing people’s finances you really can not go wrong putting your trust in the Simply Budgets Platinum program. I have spent thousands of hours developing, fine tuning, experimenting, fine tuning, testing and fine tuning again and again.

You have two choices really.

Either decide to keep struggling from one payday to the next, hoping something will change, or decide to do something about it. To help make that decision really easy I am offering a two week cooling-off period. If you feel in any way in the first two weeks that YOUR financial success is not my passion then just let me know and you will receive a full refund.

So what will happen next if you do sign up?

You will receive an e-mail confirming your first payment has been received and another e-mail outlining the program. You will receive a phone call from either myself or someone I have personally trained to be your mentor shortly after you are accepted onto the program.

Your mentor will take you one step at a time through the program.

I have spent hundred of hours preparing for you to arrive at this point, writing lessons, recording video’s, listing key points to cover during phone calls, creating tools for you to use. The list goes on.

Why not take advantage of this opportunity? All the hard work has already been done.

You can TRY on your own or you can actually SUCCEED with someone holding your hand.

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When you are looking at clear Credit Card statements, Loan Documents saying PAID IN FULL, no overdue bills and a bank account with clear funds and you feel no stress from money you will look back on the decision to join the Simply Budgets Platinum program with a warmth that makes you smile from ear to ear!

The feeling that comes from financial success is something you deserve and there is no logical reason why it can not be yours. The only blockage is an emotional one. The emotion is Fear!

The fear of failing (again).

The fear of not completing the course and giving up on yourself again.

The fear of not being good enough and maybe the fear of actually succeeding.

It is time to put fear out and action in!

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You know you will be in good hands because your wealth is our passion!