Money For Life

Empowering The Next Generation

Around 200,000 teenagers graduate from High School every year in Australia

It’s a tragedy that 12 years of formal education have left them very poorly prepared to manage money as they embark on their life journey

Like Lambs to the Slaughter, over the next few years the majority of new graduates will naively be making poor financial decisions that will then lead on to a life of money challenges and missed opportunities that could have been so very different.

This is a ridiculous situation!

Our society simply does not provide our young adults with the essential knowledge, tools and skills they will need to be able to live a full and prosperous financial life into the future.

‘Money For Life’ is aimed at young adults who are just starting out on their life journey. They may be:

  • High School Graduates
  • Apprentices
  • Trainees
  • University or College Graduates
  • Or anyone else who is just starting out on their life journey.

‘Money for Life’ covers 18 critical money topics we all should have been taught about before we started work. Some have a higher priority initially and so will receive more attention:

1. Money Security

2. Protecting Yourself From Yourself

3. Organising the FLOW of Money

4. The 6 Types of Expenses

5. Habits – Spending Less Than You Earn

6. Consumerism

7. Borrowing Money, Credit and Loans

8. Budgeting

9. Relationships and Money

10. Managing Risk / Insurance

11. Cars and Car Loans

12. Superannuation

13. Income Tax

14. Employment

15. Real Estate / Home Ownership

16. Shares / Stock Market

17. Business

18. Death and Wills

If you know someone who has just finished school or who is just starting out on their adult life, enrol them in the ‘Money For Life’ program delivered by Simply Budgets’ founder, David Wright. Give them a real head start in their financial life.

Choose from Two Levels of Involvement:

$97 – BRONZE Level attendees will benefit from the following:


  • Attend and participate in the one day ‘Money For Life’ event on the 21st of January covering 18 critical topics (This event will be recorded and available soon after .. and I’m happy for you to watch the recording if you paid for your child or grandchild to attend).
  • 1 month free access to the ‘Simply Budgets Spending Planner’ software application ($10 value).
  • Attend 2hr group ‘Simply Budgets Spending Planner’ software training session (4 time slots offered)
  • Access to a complete set of ‘Simply Budgets Spending Planner’ software training videos.
  • Membership to ‘Money For Life’ Facebook Group and Subscription to ‘Money Hints and Tips’ delivered via email and via the Facebook group. These will focus on the 18 critical topics we will be covering during the January 

$197 – SILVER – All of the Bronze Level benefits plus the following:

  • Personal 90 minute one-on-one Spending Planner setup coaching session with David Wright after the January event.
  • 3 Months FREE Access to the ‘Simply Budgets Spending Planner’ software application. ($30 value)

Whether it be you personally who is looking to enrol in the ‘Money For Life’ program or whether you are looking to book a place for your child or grandchild you can rest assured that David Wright is well qualified to be teaching this course.

David has a Diploma in Secondary Teaching.

Has had 20 years’ experience teaching all levels of high school students.

Has written more than 500 Financial Articles over the last 20 years including for the Money Magazine’s ‘Ask the Experts’ column. 

Is the co-creator of the best selling ‘Simply Budgets – Spending Planner’ software application.

Is the founder of the Spending Planners Institute

Is an International Speaker and Television & Radio show guest, having spoken to audiences in the UK, USA, NZ and all major Australian Capital Cities.

Has been interviewed on ‘A Current Affair’ and ‘Today Tonight’ multiple times.

Do not miss this golden opportunity to give yourself or someone you care about, a great start to life.