Our Story

Adversity Leads to Discovery

In the early 1990’s Simply Budgets founder David Wright was the sole breadwinner of his young family. He had a stay-at-home wife and after 10 annual pay rises as a School Teacher he had reached the ‘end-of-the-line’ financially unless he was prepared to do more study and ‘climb the corporate ladder’.

That was NOT something he was interested in doing.

Since 10 pay rises had not taken away his money stress he realised  that although even more pay rises might be nice, it was not the answer to THE money problem he was experiencing.

So, David decided that he would commit whatever time it would take to finding out what he was doing wrong. He regularly sat up late at night considering what was actually causing the money stress he was experiencing.

One night he made a really exciting breakthrough and from that moment on he knew his future was going to be dedicated to sharing what he had discovered with anyone else he could reach who was also looking for answers.

Computer Software

David’s discovery led him to developing some specialised Excel spreadsheets which he took with him into people’s homes showing them how they too could benefit from his work.
That was received so well that David then teamed up with a professional software developer and together they created the Simply Budgets software based on David’s spreadsheets. This software was featured on Australian national television and in leading Australian publications. It sold almost 30,000 copies before it was replaced with an online application which is available via a $10 monthly subscription. 

Simply Budgets - Spending Planner software

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